TEL. 207-433-5077
154 Maine Ave., Ste 5, Bangor, Maine 04401
100% Veteran Owned
Fully armed or unarmed, our officers are highly trained proactive-thinkers comfortable working independently or in a team environment.
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Knight Errant Security, Inc officers exemplify professionalism within the security career field. Our officers are highly trained and independent thinkers who are comfortable with collaborating and excel in a team environment. Furthermore, our officers treat every person under their charge or under their watch with fairness, patients and respect.

Knight Errant Security, Inc employs primarily former and or current military and law enforcement professionals. This level of training is our baseline and far exceeds that of our competition. We encourage our officers to train and practice for every contingency making us uniquely adaptable to any client needs. Most of our officers are firearms qualified annually and continuously train to remain proficient and relevant. We also conduct all mandated state and federal training and depending on client needs, CPR First-aid, HIPPA and blood borne pathogens.

Knight Errant Security, Inc officers are trained in verbal and physical de-escalation techniques enabling them to evaluate, distinguish and implement the proper action necessary for a positive resolution. Our professional and assertive attitude and appearance alone is often enough to deter any form of negative or aggressive behavior.